Mr. Black Electronic Instrument Pre-Amp


Mr. Black

The Mr. Black Electronic Instrument Pre-Amp delivers a highly responsive & touch-sensitive pre-amp which overdrives beautifully when pushed, and includes a finely tuned two-band active boost/cut EQ section, plus a very powerful second-stage boost capable of +6dB all the way up to a pummeling +21dB of squeaky-clean, high-headroom output, available via the Boost foot-switch.  This is a hot-rod.

Designed for use when you know you need rock-solid, explosive tone: employ as a general purpose tone-shaper/tone-enhancer/line-driver on the instrument of your choice.
This pre-amp oozes dynamics.

Internal bi-polar power-supply and ideal impedances ensure studio quiet operation and very high noise-rejection.  9VDC power ONLY.

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