Mr. Black Drunken Monkey - Envelope Vibrato


Mr. Black

The Drunken Monkey is not your ordinary pitch vibrato (meaning it bends the pitch of the note or signal played into it).  No.  The Drunken Monkey has a special taste for the hard stuff, and by increasing the Alc/Vol knob, a weird envelope wobble comes in.

With no Alc/Vol you've got one damned fine pitch-vibrato that can bend your note up to a full step up/down at max Depth settings.  Introduce a little proof into the mix and things get slippery, sloppery, warbly and downright weird once it hits its upper reaches.  Just like a rad weekend should.

The Speed control goes from the morning after slow spins, to rubber-band gun whip, but you'll find that the middle area is just downright nice.

We've had a lot of questions, inquiries and demands for this one over the yeras, and now, after four years the Drunken Monkey is finally available, and begins shipping Feb. 28, 2017.

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