Mr. Black Downward Spiral - Modulated Delay with Pitch Shift Down


Mr. Black

Only in dreams...

The fall lasts forever and the bottom never comes.  This is not a normal sound.  Spinning down into the abyss the echoes of infinity are reborn anew and the cycle becomes:  the Downward Spiral.

The second hand on the clock slowly becomes lethargic before standing still and finally reversing its course. Silence attempts to fill an infinite and ever-expanding abyss of sound. As your eyes gaze upon the wood and metal in your hands, a cathartic realization occurs to you. This IS The Downward Spiral.

Downward SpiralForged from nightmares, with equal helpings of mad science and molten steel, this pedal embodies our mission to make the most unique effects money can buy.

Let's be honest with ourselves. Most modern delay pedals have the same or similar functions. When we set out to create the Downward Spiral, instead of reinventing the proverbial wheel, we decided to make an effect that had never before been heard. As musicians we are constantly striving to set ourselves apart whether it is through tone, songwriting or musicianship.

The Downward Spiral introduces a new weapon in the battle for originality.

As the delay signal decays with this effect, the notes are slowly pitch-shifted down creating what can only be described as the sounds of a bad dream. The Re Gen knob simultaneously controls regeneration and pitch-enhancement while the Time control affords approximately 20mS - 800mS time delay.

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