Mr. Black Big Payback Compressor


Like good compressors?  Well, you're gonna LOVE this thing.

Think you don't like compressors, well... I bet you change your mind when you play the Big Payback.

Let me tell you a little about what makes this just SO damned cool.  Bullet points always seem super-pro, and since this thing is studio quiet, that just seems appropriate:

  • 100% original, 100% analog design and signal path
  • Lightning fast response time (<1mS at max. Attack setting)
  • Super S-L-O-W response time (approx. 0.5S at min. Attack setting); kinda like the ol' Slow Gear auto-volume-swell.  WHOA.
  • Active volume control for quiet operation as well as constant, low output-impedance for driving big pedal-boards, long cable runs and making sure everything stays sounding right
  • Up to a 40:1 compression ratio (at max. Comp setting)-- That's a LOT of compression if you want it.
  • Dynamic-Expansion mode (this is REALLY cool as it actually accentuates and increases your dynamics rather than removing them: think reverse compression) at min. Comp setting
  • 100% True-Bypass
  • Standard 9VDC power with <14mA current draw
  • And as always, handmade with an exxxtra helping of love, right here in Portland, OR U.S.A.!

There's other neato-speedo slick-tricks, but what fun is knowing everything this thing can do before you even feel it?

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