Moxtronix TransTone Fuzz



The Moxtronix TransTone is a versatile fuzz machine, creating vintage and modern fuzz tones.  The Fuzz and Gain controls were designed to allow a wide range of useful fine-tuning.  Together with the tone-shaping switching, the TransTone Fuzz can give you sounds ranging from a classic bark to ultra wide heavy drone with much higher output levels than any vintage fuzz.

The TransTone Fuzz is equipped with a true bypass footswitch and a clickless latching footswitch that boosts the output for an expressive dynamic control that will inspire your playing like no other fuzz.

Inside the TransTone Fuzz are two trimpot controls for Attack and Color - a one tweaker's dream!

The TransTone Fuzz is not some internet schematic forum mod rip-off of a classic design - it is a genuine work of distortion art by Todd Kelley, lead designer of Moxtronix/Endangered Audio Research.

"This pedal kicks ass!" - Juan Alderete, Mars Volta, Pedals And Effects.


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