Movall Audio MM-02 Black Widow - Overdrive/Distortion


Movell Audio

Based on the Fulltone OCD Pedal – this compact pedal features a dual voicing switch to take you from Marshall Drive to Marshall Distortion

This pedal is a hard hitting distortion, and is one of the best sounding hard distortions we have heard in a long time – giving really chunky lows and defined highs. This pedal also pairs up beautifully with the MM-06 Pre-Amp Boost to push your sound to its limits.

Featuring on-board volume and tone controls and a toggle to take you between Marshall Drive and Distortion, this pedal is the holy grail of distortion.


  • True Bypass – Eliminates Signal Interference when Pedal is Off
  • Adjustable “Bite” Distortion
  • On Board Volume & Tone Control
  • Input Impedance: 500k
  • Output Impedance: 10k
  • Current: 10mA
  • LED illuminated Dial – Indicates When The Pedal Is On
  • Measures 93mm x 38mm x 32mm
  • 9V AC Adaptor Only (Supplied)

Guide to Controls:

  • Vol: Adjusts the Output Level of the Unit
  • Tone: Adjusts the high frequency response
  • Clip: Chooses the Output Model – between Marshall Drive and Marshall Distortion
  • Sting: Adjusts the Gain

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