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The Motone True Boost is just that, a True Boost. I set the Boost input gain and the tone with my 1961 Fender Strat and 1964 Vox Cambridge Reverb. The True Boost is set very clean with minimal input drive and the tone is set to a nice clean sound, not to much Bass and not to much Treble. When used in conjunction with a Overdrive or Distortion Pedal it does not bog down.

I have incorporated my DC Booster into the circuit of the True Boost. This gives you a infusion of 18 Volts DC for more Headroom from our True Boost Pedal. I keep mine on all the time for the Headroom Boost it gives. If you want a good pro sound with lots of headroom that most amps don't give you, the Motone True Boost will help you achieve just that.

It operates on any 9 volt dc wall wart (center pin negative), or any 9 volt dc center negative multi output power supply. Such as a Fuel Tank or Voodoo Lab power plus unit. It will not work with a 9 volt battery. This is the only pedal you will ever need at the end of your Pedal Chain.

For Country Pickers that play just a clean amp and maybe a chorus pedal. The Motone True Boost will give you that full bodied, big headroom sound that always seems to escape you and your amp. There is only a Level Knob on the True Boost. This makes your world a lot easier when trying to dial in your sound.

From one Guitarist to another the True Boost is the bomb.

Made in Austin, Texas.

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