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designed by Eddie Sanner who also designed the Rosac pedals later


  • v1: The first 250 models used Germanium transistors, but these were not temperature stable: they didn't sound good on a cold floor.
  • v2: many thousands were made with discrete parts on a paper phenolic circuit board, using silicon transistors.
  • v3: 20,000 were made with the orange Sprague module.
  • Ed Sanner

    I had come up with a fuzz tone pedal for Leo LeBlanc, a friend of mine who played steel guitar. Semie said we should sell it, so we started production of the Fuzzrite. We had already shipped 200 units when LeBlanc discovered a problem with the pedal when it was sitting on a cold concrete floor. We then switched to silicon transistors and a modular network built for us by Sprague Electric.

    an old Mosrite catalog

    Mosrite's Fuzzrite is amazing many professionals with its total performance. Foot operated, it offers the guitarist sound effects ranging from fuzzy to the wildest distortion. It is sturdily built and designed with the best materials available to give it a variety of expressive sounds.


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