Mosky DC Core 12 Pedal Power


Power options for 9V, 12V or 18V pedals
Bright blue LED for pedal board lighting & Short circuit warning indicators

12 Outputs:

  • OUTPUTS 1-6: All DC 9V power output with each output of 100mA. Suitable for most analog 9V effects on the market today. (Center Negative application)
  • OUTPUT 7:DC9V power output and maximum 300mA
  • OUTPUT 8: DC 9V power output but with maximum output of 500mA, which is suitable for many digital effects as well when more power is required normally for these units.
  • OUTPUT 9,10 : DC12 and The maximum output current is 100mA and 300Ma is used for effects requiring 12V of power.
  • OUTPUT 11,12: DC18V The maximum output current is 100mA  and 300Ma
Power Adapter: Input AC 110V ~ 240V (for International usage),output DC 18V 2A

Input Current: DC 18V, 2000mA

Notes: All outputs are fully regulated and offer isolated short circuit protection, meaning all other outputs will not be affected,if one output is overloaded beyond the power rating for any reason.

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