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Morrison Audio Equipment

The Tube Squealer is the second 100% Tasmanian made effects pedal to come from Morrisson Audio Equipment and promises to be a strong competitor with the bigger effects pedal companies.

The Tube Squealer is a fantastic pedal built for a great distortion sound whilst retaining the killer tones you need to cut lead breaks with clarity. Ideal for the guitarist who likes a clean sound without a heap of distortion over powering what is being played.

The Tube Squealer is Bright Green and looks great in a pedal board. I feel that it even sounds better than some of the original more expensive pedals available today. The tone that the Tube Squealer puts out is phenomenal, it only has 3 control knobs but you can get a lot of control over your sound.


  • True Bypass
  • Military spec epoxy / fiberglass circuit board
  • Hand chosen metal film resistors
  • Hand soldered
  • Solid diecast box with military grade footswitch
  • 9 volt battery included
  • Can be run off a Boss style power supply

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