Morrison Audio Equipment Phaser


  • Rate
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect


Morrison Audio Equipment

This handmade boutique pedal truly adds a new dimension to your sound. Very easy to operate with only one knob, the effect always seems to be mixed just right. A true bypass pedal, not noisy at all. You can nail that rotary speaker sound or an amazing chorus effect. The more clockwise you turn it, the faster the rate, almost flange like. This is one of the best analogue sounding phasers out there.


  • True Bypass
  • Military spec epoxy / fibreglass circuit board
  • Hand chosen metal film resistors
  • Hand soldered
  • Solid diecast box with military grade footswitch
  • 9 volt battery included
  • Can be run off a Boss style power supply

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