Morningstar FX SDD Pre Amplifier


  • Input att
  • Output att
  • Level


Morningstar Custom Pedals

Based on the Korg SDD3000 pre-amplification section, a rackmount effect unit made famous by The Edge.The input and output attenuation controls are variable controls instead of a -30db, -10db and a +4db switch to make it easier to hit that sweet spot for your guitar and amp combination.

The pedal adds a nice tinge of presence and chime to your tone and it sounds great as an 'always on' effect or when used as a clean, transparent boost. By turning the input attenuator down and turning up the preamp level, a organic and transparent OD can be achieved.


  • Input Attenuator: Turning clockwise attenuates the signal going into the preamp stage
  • Output Attenuator: Turning clockwise attenuates the signal after the preamp stage
  • Level: Controls the amount of preamp gain


  • WIMA capacitors and Panasonic electrolytics
  • High quality PCB
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • Industry standard audio jacks
  • Durable powder-coated finish with etched design
  • True Bypass switching
  • Hand-built and hand-wired

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