Morley Twin Mix - Dual Channel Splitter/Combiner



Combines or splits two input signals to two output sources with built-in level control.

The Morley Twin Mix is designed to route two input signals to two output sources. Each input has its own level control to balance different input levels. Each input also has a mute switch. LED Indication shows which input signal is engaged or muted. When using only Output A, both inputs are combined and routed to output A. When using both Output A and Output B, each input is routed to its own output (Input 1 goes to Output A, Input 2 goes to Output B).

The Twin Mix powers up from one 9V battery or optional Morley 9V 300mA adapter (our sku #150796, center polarity is negative). Remove bottom cover via 4 Phillips head screws to gain access to battery compartment.

Important note: This device is intended for use with passive audio signals, do not use this device on powered speaker lines or you will damage the amp and/or speaker.


  • Route 2 input signals to 2 output sources
  • Each input has an independant level control
  • 2 foot switches allow you to mute either input signal
  • When using only Output A both input signals are combined
  • When using both Output A & B, each input signal is routed to its own output
  • LED's show which inputs are on or muted
  • "TrueTone Bypass" buffered circuit
  • Powers from optional Morley adapter (our sku #150796) or a 9-volt battery


  • Dimensions: 6.63" (L) x 4.38" (W) x 2" (H)

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