Morley TM Stevens Fonk Wah - Bass Wah



The Morley T.M. Stevens Fonk bass wah features a switchless electro-optical on/off circuit. There are 2 wah modes: wah and fonk (tuned for slapping and popping) and separate wah volume for each mode. Featuring a specially designed input trim knob to adjust for passive or active pickup levels and a true-tone bypass buffer circuit for pure tone. Heavy duty cold-rolled steel construction. Operates on a 9V battery or optional AC power supply.


  • Switchless and Electro-Optical (no pots to wear out or get scratch). Simply step on to engage Wah mode and step off to go to bypass
  • Two wah modes: Wah and Fonk Wah which is tuned for slappin' and poppin'
  • Wah Level control works for both Wah modes
  • Specially designed Input Trim knob allows you to adjust for passive or active pickups levels
  • "True-Tone" Bypass buffer circuit ensures pure tone and maintains signal in bypass and all Wah modes
  • Cold rolled steel housing, LED indication, easy access battery compartment and two-year no-hassle warranty

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