Morley JD10 Stomp/PreAmp



Named after Jerry Donahue of the Hellecasters, the JD10 MkII is a truly pro sounding machine. Primarilly modeled on the tone of those classic American 4x10" combos of the 50s and 60s revered by bluesmen the world over, this pedal goes way beyond to cover the full gambit of rock, nu-metal and nu-country tones. Clean to mean, the JD10 MkII is great at on-the-edge blues to full-on scooped metal.

This re-designed JD10 Stomp/PreAmp pedal has been re-focused as a ‘recordable' Stomp box version of the famous direct recording preamp/pedal first introduced in 1995. It's 110% analogue class in a small pack-age!

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