Morley FXB FX-Blender



The Morley FX Blender is a variable outboard Effects Loop pedal. Simply hook your guitar and amp to the INPUT and OUTPUT. Then, hook up any effect or series of effects to the FX Blender SEND and RETURN jacks. You can blend in the effect using the FX Blender foot pedal. Breathe new life and capability into your favorite effects. The FX Blender has a SEND LEVEL that allows you to increase the output of the Send to the effect. This will make older analog effects work harder and sound better or it can be used to purposely drive the effect to distort slightly (great for flange, chorus and phase). The FX Blender is controlled by Morley's tried and true Electro-Optical circuit for noise free operation.


  • Electro-Optical circuit means no pots to get scratchy!
  • Foot pedal varies Send/Return signal from Dry (Toe-Up - no effect) to Wet (Toe-Down - full effect)
  • Powers from Morley adapter or 9v battery
  • Cold Rolled Steel housing, LED indicator light, easy access battery compartment and two-year no hassle manufacturer's warranty.

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