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Get that great classic fuzz sound without having to worry about buy an old vintage unit. The Cerussite Fuzz gives those great square wave tones you crave from a fuzz pedal. Achieve those classic tones from the 60s and 70s or crank the fuzz knob to get modern sounding more aggressive fuzz sounds.

  • TONE: The tone color can be controlled by the Tone, which varies from having crisp piercing highs to smooth creamy tones.
  • VOLUME: This knob controls the amount of output that the pedal has.
  • FUZZ: This knob controls the shape of your signal. As you turn the knob clockwise the signal will gradually turn more and more into a square wave giving you that classic fuzz sounds.
  • INDICATOR: The indicator LED will let players know when there pedal is engaged or not. The indicator will also let you know if your power supply or battery is failing if it becomes dim or fails to turn on.
  • INPUT JACK: Insert you instrument cable into this jack. This pedal will not turn on until a cable is inserted into the input jack. To avoid draining batteries be sure to unplug your cable or simply use a power supply.
  • OUTPUT JACK: This is a low impedance output jack. It provides a low noise output to your amp or to your next pedal.
  • POWER SUPPLY INPUT: Use this input to supply a 9V DC current flow to the pedal. Please use a center negative 9V DC power supply to avoid damage to the pedal.
  • ENGAGE SWITCH: Press this switch to activate the pedal. When activated the LED will be lit.

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