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If you are looking to recreate dark heavy tones and you just bought the Biotite Distortion you won’t be let down. The Biotite creates thick, full tones that are sure to rattle you to the core. Whether you would like create a math metal chugging bottom end or a super warm lead tone the Biotite will certainly help you create that tone. The two most outstanding characteristics of this pedal are the fact that when the distortion is cranked you still maintain a lot of low end, and the filter knob allows you to go from an treble based tone for jangle style rhythm tones to completely dark uber metal tones.

  • Filter: Unlike most pedals, the Filter (typically called tone) goes from bright on the left and dark to the right. In other words, when the knob is fully to the left you are bright, and all the way to the right you are at the darkest tone you can get.
  • Volume: This controls the amount of ouput the pedal will have.
  • Gain: This knob will control the input level of the pedal. Set at a moderate level the pedal will act more dynamically, so when you play harder the signal will distort more than if you play lightly. If you have the gain knob turned all the way up you’ll have a constant amount of distortion and an extremely aggressive form.
  • Indicator: The indicator LED will let players know when there pedal is engaged or not. The indicator will also let you know if your power supply or battery is failing if it becomes dim or fails to turn on.
  • Input Jack: Insert you instrument cable into this jack. This pedal will not turn on until a cable is inserted into the input jack. To avoid draining batteries be sure to unplug your cable or simply use a power supply.
  • Output Jack: This is a low impedance output jack. It provides a low noise output to your amp or to your next pedal.
  • Power Supply Input: Use this input to supply a 9V DC current flow to the pedal. Please use a center negative 9V DC power supply to avoid damage to the pedal.
  • Engage Switch: Press this switch to activate the pedal. When activated the LED will be lit.


  • Weight: 360g
  • Dimensions: (H) 5.5cm X (W) 6.5cm X (L) 11.5cm
  • Input Impedance: 1M Ohm
  • Output Impedance: 50K Ohm
  • Jacks: Input, Output, AC Adapter
  • Power: Battery 9V, AC Adapter 9-18V

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