MooreFX Echomod - Delay Modulation



The Echomod is a Delay / Modulation guitar Pedal. It's a great delay and more! Start kicking in the modulation controls for everything form chorus to vibrato to strange star trek like effects. The modulation controls can simply be turned off if you just want a simple clean delay. It comes in a tough aluminum enclosure, sure to stand up to years of abuse.

Another great feature is the bypass mode switch. The first mode is your standard bypass, all effect is cut off and 100% instant clean signal is sent through. In the second mode, the input from the guitar is clean and goes straight through without processing, but the effect circuit is still audible, this provides smooth transition to bypass because the delay tails don't get cut off! Crank up the feedback and start using some modulation with this control and it opens up a world of possibilities! It's housed in a tough aluminum enclosure.

I built one of these for myself, decided it was cool enough to build some for my friends and offer a few up for sale. This is a complex pedal and takes me several days to build each one... Know that your buying a a real instrument assembled with care, not stamped out in some factory.

This pedal is based on the Echo Base originally designed by Slacker on DIYstompboxes. I've added some modifications to it, a waveshape control, and a foot switch for the bypass mode.

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