Moonphase Moonphaser


  • Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Depth
    controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation (the size of the range in which the effect sweeps).



The Moonphaser is a six stage mono phaser for guitar and bass or any other compatible audio input such as a keyboard or microphone.

The Moonphaser recreates the tones of the original phasers of the 1970s by using similar circuit design and some obsolete (but brand new) components in critical areas.
Playing vintage pedals can be hard work - aging components that have often seen a hard working life require coaxing along in order to keep them working: old capacitors leak and kill your tone, components with wide tolerances even when new mean that some pedals are better than others of the same model.
Older effects units are also often physically too large to fit on a modern pedalboard and usually have peculiar power requirements.

The Moonphaser is constructed using up to date ground-planed printed circuit board for minimum noise. Its overall footprint is a mere 120mm x 90mm and its height is 50mm including the controls. It uses a standard 9V alkaline battery and has an industry-standard sleeve +ve 2.1mm dc adapter jack.

The Moonphaser has true bypass switching so it is completely taken out of your instrument's signal path when turned off using the foot pedal.

The right hand bright blue LED lets you know the effect is active, the left hand LED flashes to show the phase cycle time (variable between 8 seconds per cycle and 6 cycles per second) so you can set and check the speed silently.
Input and output jacks are the metal open-framed type as used in all good effects pedals. Unplugging the input jack turns off the power to the pedal. The internal battery life has been tested for at least 100 hours playing time so battery changes are infrequent events.
There are non-slip pads on the Moonphaser's back panel and a clear space to stick a Velcro pad if you are using it on a pedalboard.

Each Moonphaser is serial numbered, signed and dated on the inside.

The Moonphaser is designed and hand built in England.

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