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The Moondriver is a high quality effect pedal that has the famous LM308 operational amplifier chip at its core. New old-stock chips are used in the Moondriver for classic and modern high-gain overdrive & distortion.

The Moondriver is hand-built in Cambridge, England.

Here’s the eccentric part in which some pedal builders occasionally indulge. Read it or ignore it as you wish:

The circuit board carries the number 15415, which is an obscure reference to the “Genesis Rock” brought back from the Moon by Apollo 15 astronauts Jim Irwin and Dave Scott in 1971. Apollo 15 was the first of the “J” missions and thus it was also the first to carry the Lunar Rover – hence the term “Moon Driver”.

The white “effect active” LED is placed deliberately off-centre because it marks the landing site of Apollo 15 at Hadley Apennine.

Eccentricity finished, back to reality.

Outline technical description:

The Moondriver is a mono overdrive / distortion effect pedal for guitar or keyboard.

Power supply and battery access:

The Moondriver accepts an internal MN1604 or equivalent 9V alkaline battery and also has a 2.1mm 9Vdc power jack (polarity is sleeve +ve). Inserting a plug into this jack automatically disconnects the battery from the circuit. The Moondriver is protected against reverse polarity and accidental connection to ac power supplies.

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