Moollon Class A Boost



The Class A Boost is a three-stage transistor equalizing circuit with a tone that faithfully matches the simple purity of its design.

3 independent equalization circuits are connected to drive specially selected frequency ranges, and with the collective balance a player can dial in one"s desired tone.

The full-range Lo-boost is warmly fuzzy yet never harsh, yielding a tight sound that works well with not only electric guitars, but also makes an excellent boost for bass guitarists who need a wide-range boost that accentuates a full low end.

The Mid Boost helps define the essential sonic contour in a guitar"s mid frequencies, providing a clear and present midrange when boosted without typical overdrive clipping, resulting in a refreshing midrange drive. The Hi Boost is based on the silicone transistor treble boosters of the "60s and "70s, boosting upper frequencies with a uniquely clear and transparently shimmering high end. The Lo, Mid, and Hi boost circuits work together to provide the tools to uniquely shape one's individual tone.

No one can deny the importance of the treble booster in the history of the British Rock sound, and now the same circuit type embodied and expanded in the Class A Boost elevates the tonal legacy the tonal legacy of the original treble booster to a whole new level.

Enabling one to approach tone from new angles, the Class A Boost is born of an experimental idea (circuitry, design) developed to incur a new degree of creative response from a player.

Note: As the Class A Boost was designed to matched passive pickups, it should not be used either with active pickups or following a low impedance input signal (such as a buffered pedal).

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