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Treble Boost was one of the most important equipment for 1960's musicians.

As British Rock met it's golden age during in 1960s, musicians played at huge stages with extremely powerful multi-amp systems. Originally, Treble Boost was developed to improve sound loss at high-frequency range due to long and complex cable settings for multi-amps, and soon it's unique sound made it essential effector for Brit Rock players. Sound from Eric Clapton's album with Treble Boost became a standard for many players, and Rory Gallagher, Brian May improved their sound with Treble Boost. Now, Treble Boost is the best beloved equipment of vintage sound loving guitar players.

Moollon developed this Limited Edition Treble boost on the base of Dallas Range Master setting in 1960s. Limited Edition Treble Boost adopted original Mullard OC44 germanium transistor and cutting-edge circuit with Point-to-Point distributing wires. Moreover, Limited Edition Treble Boost's 3 way-mode (Treble1, Treble2, Mid) supports various ranges and it made the best use of Treble Boost.

Lastly, we're noticing that we can provide only 100 of this Treble Boosts because NOS Mullard OC44 parts are so rare to get.

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