Moollon Fuzz Thirty-Two


Moollon about the 1st edition

All distortion pedals can trace their roots to the legendary Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, and this is the product that recreates that famous sound. Taking its name from the atomic number of germanium(32), the Moollon Fuzz Thirty Two faithfully produces the warm, condensed sound of the original germanium transistor fuzz pedal of the late to mid-1960s.

NOS OC44K transistors, original spec capacitors, and individually selected carbon composition resistors are tested one by one, and along with using original spec wiring, the Moollon Fuzz Thirty Two is complete with the most authentic vintage fuzz sound since the original Fuzz Face.

In addition to staying true to the original circuitry and true bypass switching, an LED light has been added to the housing and the circuitry wired to specially fit into a nicely compact-sized casing to ensure user convenience, all found in a beautiful pedal exterior.

The Fuzz Thirty Two is a very limited production item, making use of metal cover type NOS OC44K transistors, which were the original replacement part for the OC44 glass-type germanium transistor (used on the Moollon Limited Edition Treble Boost).

A characteristic of all germanium transistors is that they do not operate their optimum at lower temperatures, so special care must be taken to keep the pedal at a consistently warm temperature when under operation. Requires a 9V battery or center-positive DC 9V external power source.

Moollon about the 2nd edition

All distortion pedals can trace their lineage back to one pedal, the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. That legendary sound now can be experienced again with the 2nd edition release of the Moollon Fuzz Thirty Two. Named after the atomic number for germanium, the Moollon Fuzz Thirty Two brings back to life the warm tone of germanium transistors from the mid-to late 1960s.

Using NOS Mullard OC72 transistors and original specification capacitors and wiring, along with parts being individually tested one by one to ensure specific carbon composition resistance, the greatest reproduction of the original Fuzz Face tone since the original is made complete.

As with the original circuitry and true bypass switching, the original design is meticulously recreated along with the addition of an LED, all packaged in a compact case for optimal convenience, with a beautifully finished exterior.

Because of the small quantity of NOS transistors suitable for use in production, this model will be made available in very limited numbers.

Also note that the characteristic nature of germanium transistors is such that they must be kept at a stable warm temperature when used in order to ensure optimal performance.

External power can be supplied by a positive(+)tip DC 9v adapter.

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