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Moollon Custom Shop proudly presents the Crispian Mills Signature Wah Royale pedal. The sound and design of a classic wah pedal from the 1960s is rarely the choice of modern players that desire a wide-range tone, but the sound is unmistakably tight and overwhelmingly vintage. As fans of Kula Shaker and the guitar playing of frontman Crispian Mills, we set out with him in mind to build a wah that captures the original sound of '60s wah-wah pedal tone, a sound that defined a generation of psychedelic rock and roll and funk, one which we worked to preserve in this custom pedal. From the inductors to the custom taper pots unique to this model, we've selected the perfect blend of vintage-spec parts based on a handful of vintage models to recreate a wah pedal that has a tight low end, a fat upper peak, and pronounced midrange Q found only on truly vintage wah units from the 1960s. This very design was previously employed on a Moollon Custom Shop Wah made model previously made for Crispian and featured on a number of Kula Shaker recordings, and can now be yours.

All of this is topped off with a stunning custom enclosure, 2-tone etched with the "Revenge of the King" graphic. Each Wah Royale is handwired and etched to order, and will be available in very limited quantities from the Moollon Custom Shop. Classic wah-wah tones from the past are back, and are here to stay.

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