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Moollon Custom Shop proudly presents the Crispian Mills Signature Strange Fuzz pedal. We're obsessed with classic tones from the 1960s, namely with a love for vintage Fuzz sounds from the psychedelic rock era. Being a fan of Kula Shaker and Crispian Mills' playing since the band's debut, we feel we share an affinity with him regarding what made some of those legendary tones what they are, and worked closely with Crispian to develop a new pedal that not only embraces the time-tested silicon-transistor goodness of a classic Fuzz Face sound, but takes it one step further...

In addition to Fuzz and Volume controls, we added a unique "Vintage Battery" knob that expands the tones of this pedal to carefully control the bias of the voltage, very closely emulating the sound of a vintage zinc-carbon battery and the subsequently fat tone you hear when they would start dying out. However, unlike a typical voltage sag control that causes pedal volume to drop, the Vintage Battery knob was specifically designed to also behave like the zinc-carbon battery by thickly increasing the pedal's output while changing in timbre, resulting in a wide palate of classic fuzz tones at the simple turn of the dial.

All of this is topped off with a stunning custom 2-tone etched enclosure, based on the graphic used in Crispian's Moollon Narcis Custom Shop NC guitar. Each Strange Fuzz is handwired and etched to order, and will be available in very limited quantities from the Moollon Custom Shop. Experience classic fuzz tones of yesteryear with this remarkably unique pedal.

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