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The Moollon Equalizer accurately responds to the full frequency spectrum of an electric guitar or bass, providing the control of a wide range of tones without clipping. The Treble control has +-15db of gain at 4.5k, the Bass control has +-15db gain at 100Hz, with an additional Mid frequency control having +-15db of gain available at 200Hz~2kHz. The highly functional Mid control knob is accompanied by both mid frequency selection and width controls, allowing the Equalizer to act as a mid frequency boost or cut, creating a diverse selection of tones with full control of mids.

When acting as a type of outboard preamp, the Equalizer can add the tonal characteristics of an active instrument to that of an instrument with passive pickups. For the guitar in particular it can work as both a basic boost as well as a mid-frequency booster, and even if one has a change in amplification or guitar setup, sounds can be swiftly fine-tuned to match the user's tonal preferences. Acoustic instruments using low-output piezo transducers needing more timbral control will also benefit greatly from the boosting and tone shaping ability the Moollon Equalizer can provide.

When the Mid/Treble/Bass control knobs are all set to 12:00, output is at unity gain and is set as if the effect is manually bypassed.

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