Moollon Delay



Moollon proudly announces the release of our first digital pedal. The ease of real-time adjusting of six independent functions adds to the unique controls that collectively make up the strengths of the Moollon Delay.

Three sets of real-time modes for delay times from 25mS to 1350mS in addition to 8 types of tap-tempo modes allow for a wide variety of rhythmic response. Designed with the experimental player in mind, included are 4 dual-tap modes that allow the repetition of two delays in sequence, with multiple subdivisions for diverse options in rhythmic delay.

In addition to the basic controls of Effect Level, Feedback, and Delay Time, the Moollon Delay also adds Filter and Pitch controls to emulate echoes reminiscent of analog delay machines. In particular, the filter control features a bandpass-type tone control that offers especially warm and smooth delay response that effectively simulates the natural tone of vintage tape echo, in addition to a pitch control that creates variations in tuning that combines with the filter circuit to offer a wide palate of dreamy echoing tones.

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