Moollon Active D.I.



With the basic function of D.I.(Direct Injection), - transforming unbalanced audio signal to balanced mic signal - Moollon Active D.I. focused on amplification and transformation of pick-up instruments signal.

Unbalanced signals include signals from magnetic pickups in electric bass or guitars, piezo pickups in acoustic guitars, synthesizers, and speakers.

Moollon Active D.I. with GW109S buffer inside is optimized for the signals from magnetic pickups in electric bass or guitars and the signals from piezo pickups in acoustic guitars.

Additionally, Linear Boost inside amplifies signal up to 12dB and this function can be used for amplifying the relatively low level signal of piezo pickups. The Custom Hand Wound Transformer with nickel core maximizes the efficiency of transforming unbalanced signal to balanced signal.

You can use Active D.I. with guitar/bass amp and mic amp(mixer) simultaneously, or utilize it as a buffer or a clean boost when you use it with just a guitar/bass amp.


  • Input Impedance : High 1M
  • Balanced Output Impedance : 200 ohm
  • Unbalanced Output Impedance:Low 1K ohm
  • Maximum Gain : +12dB
  • Current Draw : 7.5 mA (DC 9 V)
  • Controls : Boost, Ground/Lift
  • In/Output Jacks : Switchcraft
  • Power Supply : 9 Volt Battery or DC Jack
  • Dimensions : 110 X 60 X 45mm

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