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The MP-201 Multi-Pedal is the perfect Control Hub for live performers, studios, DJ's and more. It's built like a tank and with CV, MIDI and USB connectivity, it can control anything from a laptop running the latest software to a monster analog modular synth.

Applications include:

  • Sequence analog synths and effects with MIDI-to-CV conversion
  • Wring new sounds from old gear with four Envelope Generators & LFOs
  • Sync analog LFOs to sequencer rhythm tracks or live performances
  • Trigger MIDI events
  • Add preset-like control to Moogerfoogers
  • Control analog and MIDI effects rigs

Stay in control while your hands are busy playing, spinning or mixing! The possibilities are endless...

The number four comes up quite often when discussing the Multi-Pedal because practically anything it does, it can do on four independent channels simultaneously.


Each CV output can be programmed individually. Signals can be foot pedal controlled analogue control voltages with +/-5V limits, LFO waveforms, Envelope or Gate voltages, or MIDI-controlled Pitch-CV. In addition, each channel can output MIDI CC's over specified MIDI channels simultaneously with the analogue CV outputs.

Output Signals:

  • The footpedal voltage with user selected heel and toe voltages (including reverse action)
  • Preset Voltage levels
  • Analog Envelopes (ADSR with Hold and Looping), Lin / Log / Exp. EG shapes
  • MIDI to Pitch CV, scalable from 0.667 V/Octave to 1.333 V/Octave
  • LFO of user programmed RATE, AMOUNT and WAVEFORM (triangle, square, sawtooth, ramp and sample & hold)
  • LFO signals are scalable and can be synced to MIDI clock, tap tempo, each other, or free-running.
  • A random NOISE CV

There are four modes of operation:

  • Single Channel Mode uses the footswitches to select programs, channels, turn on/off channels, select tap tempo function, enter tap tempo.
  • Quad Channel Mode turns channels 1-4 on/off with footswitches 1-4 and uses the footpedal as an expression pedal for channels 1 to 4. Can use channels one-at-a-time (instant switching between channels) or simultaneously. Independent tap-tempo available on all four channels.
  • Edit Mode programs the preset mode.
  • Utilities Mode accesses the utilities menu for non-preset related functions (SysEx Dump, Upgrade firmware, Factory Restore, Footpedal Calibration, etc...)

Multi Pedal Control Elements:

  • Optical "Gas Pedal" style foot controller
  • 4 footswitches (momentary)
  • 4 LEDs, 1 for each footswitch.16x2 character LCD (Gray Background, transflective, white LED backlight)
  • Rotary Encoder with push switch (VALUE, CURSOR)
  • 2 Momentary switches near LCD / Encoder (EDIT, STORE)

Rear Panel Connections:

  • USB Port (MIDI over USB)
  • MIDI In (DIN connector)
  • MIDI Out (DIN connectors)
  • 4 x CV (Control Voltage) Out 1/4" connectors (selectable between -5V to 5V or 0V to 5V) Power In (wall mount power supply included)


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