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The MF-107 FreqBox is an audio modulated oscillator. It's not like other effects...

The MF-107 FreqBox(tm) is different from other effects - the effected sound is not a processed version of your input signal, but the sound of the input signal modulating an internal oscillator. It contains a VCO with continuously variable waveshape, and the capacity to modulate that Oscillator in the following ways:

  • the VCO can be hard synced by the input signal
  • The VCO can be frequency modulated (FM) by the input signal
  • The VCO frequency can be modulated by an envelope follower which tracks the dynamics of the input signal
  • The Amplitude of the VCO also tracks the dynamics of the input signal

Hard sync is a classic analog synthesis technique where the start of an oscillator's cycle can be reset by another. The oscillator being synced takes on the frequency characteristics of the other oscillator, and when its frequency is swept, it reinforces the harmonics of the fundamental frequency. In the case of the FreqBox, the input signal is used to reset the FreqBox's VCO.

FM is a technique used to get really rich sounds from simple waveforms. The type of FM used in the FreqBox is linear FM. Sounds range from gong or bell-like tones to sizzly sweeps.

The FreqBox, like all moogerfoogers, works with any instrument to line-level input. In addition to the panel controls there are control inputs for use with expression pedals or control voltages and control outputs for interconnecting moogerfoogers like you would a modular synth.

The FreqBox can provide some really unusual processing to all types of signals - guitars, synths, drum sounds, vocals or wind instruments allowing you to enter previously unexplored sonic territory.




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