Mooer Audio Mini series (treadles)



    Mooer Audio

    How much would a wah pedal weigh? Is there enough space left of a pedal board except for a volume pedal and wah sounds? Why should we step the wah pedal to the bottom in order to close or open it? What other functions does this pedal have?

    With all these seemingly "normal" questions, we developed a new series, Mini series, in this series, after the theoretical scrutiny and repeated verification of inconvenient operating mode that people have been accustomed to, we decide to maintain the level of tone and enable musicians to experience a whole new concept pedal. We abandon the traditional foot switch on the Mini series, replaced by a pressure sensor that is more stable than a mechanical foot switch; then we insist on keeping the mini size. The collapsible structural design will never change the stampede feel because of its small volume.

    Of course, Mini series are all of true bypass design.

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