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The Tender Octaver Pro from Mooer expands on the very popular Tender Octaver polyphonic harmony pedal with an array of new and exciting features. Tender Octaver Pro provides two synthesized harmony voices, one upper and one lower, with independent volume, tone, and pitch for each. The addition of a pitch control allows any harmony to be created between unity and +- 1 octave. The smooth control makes volume swells super easy. Connecting an expression pedal will give the user real time control over the synthesized voices pitch, allowing pitch shifting and many expressive possibilities.

Harmonizer, synth bass, organ simulation, detune chorus, pitch shifting and many more cool effects are all possible with the Tender Octaver Pro. To wrap it up Mooer has built in four slots for storing your presets which save every parameter of the pedal and can be easily recalled using the dedicated preset footswitch. So this pedal is aimed right at the hearts of guitarists who want an Octave pedal they can use seamlessly for live performance.


  • Separate volume, tone and pitch controls for both sub and upper octaves
  • Smooth control for automatic volume swells
  • External connection for expression pedal to control octave pitches
  • Store and recall up to 4 user presets
  • Stereo outputs

Tender Octaver Pro will be available from official Mooer dealers and distributors worldwide at a street price of around $169 USD each.

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