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The Mod Factory Pro from Mooer brings together two extremely high quality, digital modulation engines and squeezes them into a very small, dual footswitch pedal crammed full of features. With 16 different modulation effects spanning all the regular stuff like phasers, chorus and tremolo, right through to some totally freaked out ring modulators, lo-fi filters and pitch effects. The Mod Factory Pro has something for everyone.

The ability to combine both engines and adjust the internal signal routing expands these 16 effects beyond any modulation stompbox on the market in this price range. Added Tap tempo functionality, Expression pedal expandability, Leslie type acceleration pedal and true stereo outputs make the Mod Factory Pro truly versatile and a great choice for professionals or beginners a like.


  • Two Independent processing modules containing a total of 16 modulation effects
  • Adjustable signal chain routing
  • Store and recall up to 4 user presets
  • Tap Tempo functionality
  • Expression pedal expandability
  • Leslie-style acceleration pedal
  • True stereo outputs

Mod Factory Pro will be available from official Mooer dealers and distributors worldwide at a street price of around $169 USD each.

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