Mooer Audio MDS1 Black Secret - Distortion



Mooer Audio

  • 2 Distortion modes
  • Very small and exquisite
  • Full metal shell
  • True bypass
  • Excellent sound
  • DC 9V Adapter power supply

Mooer Audio

  • Legendary “Rat” sound
  • 2 Working Modes:
    • Turbo (Full copy of Turbo Rat’s early version)
    • Vintage (Full copy of Vintage Rat)
  • Use classic LM308 chip


myFXDB user reviews

4 reviews, average score of 7.75 / 10

2018-05-079/10  Ratty old thing... Addition of the Turbo Mode LED diode works wonders.Kicking myself for not getting one earlier. Original or clone.
2017-11-2910/10  Great RAT copy. Small and lightweight....
2014-10-105/10  ......
2014-06-227/10  ......

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