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Moody Sounds

Moody Vibes is a vibrating distortion. The circuit is a combination of two, or three to be exact, Moody circuits, the Moody Wah, the Overdrive and a bit of tremolo. The tremolo makes the wah oscillate.

The depth of the wah oscillations is controlled with the Depth knob and the wah speed is controlled with a knob we call "Vibes".

Vibes takes the sound from slowly varying swings into fast oscillations. If Vibes is turned all the way to the left, the oscillations ceases completely. Now, the depth knob becomes a band pass filter knob, just like a regular wah pedal at a fixed position. Check out the video clip.

Moody Vibes also has a Fuzz control to push the sound. And a volume knob to set the output volume at an exact volume. True Bypass! Delivered with 12 V dc adapter (to buyers from countries where 230 V mains voltage is used). Time of delivery is about 1 week. Save the gig, order it today!

Moody Vibes has just been remodelled (feb 2010). Before it was a combination of drive + tremolo and the wah effect was not there. Also we used a different design for it.

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