Moody Sounds Moody Tremolo


Moody Sounds

Soft tremolo with milky oscillations. Less is more kit at top quality.

The tremolo has controls for speed and depth. The depth control sets volume variances, and the speed control sets the time interval between these variances.

Moody Tremolo is based on a sinewave oscillator. This makes the volume shift between high and low in a smooth way. The frequency of the tone is also affected, very subtle but noticable, producing a dreamy tremolo tone.

The lamp blinks with the tremolo frequency in effects position.

Moody Tremolo has true bypass.

The signal is buffered by a FET (field effects transistor), which makes the impedance of the pedal very high.

The pcb has the dimensions 33x43 mm.

NEW: Now an extra volume pot is included in the bag with mod components. If you want to boost the tremolo and fine tune the output with a separate knob.

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