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    Moody Sounds is mainly a one man company run by Albin Roslund. Also working at Moody Sounds, when there is much to do, are Stephan Söderberg (web design and graphics), Ida Lindfors (workshops) and Dennis Cederstrand (pedal building). The company is located in Malmö, Sweden, but will move to Hässleholm soon (late 2011 / 2012?).

    Timeline (by Albin Roslund)

    • Oct 2005: Baby Box Noise Machine serial number 002 and Moody Fuzz sold to Tambourine Studios.
    • Sep 2006; Met Stephan who did the first web site for free and who has been in the crew since then.
    • Sep 2006: the idea of selling the pedals as kits, first fuzz and tremolo kits listed on Vendolin (later
    • Nov 2006: First "build your own pedal workshop" was a success.
    • Nov 2006: Custom Sounds Finland become retail seller for Moody pedals and kits.
    • May 2007: First Guitar show, Fuzz in Göteborg, met Degier guitars, who are distributing the BYOC pedal kits in Europe. They were looking for a retail seller in Sweden... BYOC do really good pedals that we carry since then.
    • Mar 2009 First Moody Mushroom pedal invented and built.
    • Jun 2009: International interest for Moody's assembled pedals, Analogue Haven (USA), Crush the Button (Belgium) and later Effekt Boutique (Germany) become retail sellers.
    • Aug 2009: Dennis Cederstrand starts working at moody sounds.
    • Sep 2010: A series of articles on DIY pedal building in Fuzz Magazine begins and also a review of some Moody pedals.
    • Jun 2011: 9volt Japan become retail sellers.

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