Montreux Retrovibe Flash Looper


Axe... And You Shall Receive

The Retrovibe Flash Looper is a true bypass looper with two channels in one package.  You can utilize it to preserve the tone you've worked so hard by to achieve by adding true mechanical bypass to your non-true bypass effects.  Use it as an A/B box or use it to switch between two entirely different FX loops.  Use one channel as a true bypass looper, use the other as a tuner mute.  The footswitch on the right is the bypass footswitch.  When one of the send/return channels are engaged, a Yellow LED comes on.  The footswitch on the left is the Channel select switch.  When send/return channel A is engaged, a red LED comes on.  When send/return channel B is engaged, a blue LED comes on.

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