Montgomery Appliances



    Montgomery Appliances is a one-man operation owned by David Gill and located in Montgomery County, Maryland.

    Timeline (by David Gill)

    I first started building my own gear in Summer 2007. I built my first small run of pedals for other people a few months later after giving some away to friends in local bands. Those were the seven or so FSH MKII pedals I built for guys on the Haunting Mids forum.

    I built a number of random one-offs after that and my next product was an A/DA Flanger replica with some functionality tweaks and options. Those went through a few variations and total production was about 50 grueling pedals with about 10 feet of wire per unit.

    Following those two projects I went in the far less complicated direction of fuzz boxes which are currently my main focus. It's a dense market but I focus on small local dealers to get pedals in front of people and in their ears. I now offer 10 products and still do 100% of the work myself.

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