Monsterpiece Fuzz NPN Jr. Fuzz


Monsterpiece Fuzz

The Monsterpiece NPN Jr. is the stripped down version of the more elaborate Monsterpiece NPN. This is a straight to the point, musical & dynamic fuzz. The circuit is a 2 transistor silicon fuzz circuit utilizing either BC108 or BC109 transistors.

Controls are simple:

  • Volume - controls overall outpur level of the pedal
  • Fuzz – controls overall fuzz level of the pedal
  • Transistor Bias trimpot (internal control) – controls the voltage of Q2 (2nd transistor in the circuit). There is no incorrect setting for this control… set it to where YOU think it sounds good, close up the pedal, and ROCK ON! As the trimpot is turned clockwise the fuzz will get more fuzzy & compressed until it just chokes off. Turning counter-clockwise will have the opposite effect as well as the available volume increasing.

The transistors are socketed for easy experimentation for those of you who are into this sort of thing. Use only npn type transistors.

The Monsterpiece NPN Jr. Fuzz can be powered by 9 volt battery (recommended), or by a 9 volt DC center negative barrel plug adapter. Has a battery on/off mini toggle switch.

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