Monsterpiece Fuzz MD Monster Drive - Treble Booster


Monsterpiece Fuzz

The Monsterpiece MD is my take on a classic Germanium transistor Dallas Rangemaster style treble boost circuit. I have added a Tone Cap mini-toggle switch that allows you to switch between a more traditional treble boost, and a more upper midrange boost. The transistor is socketed for easy experimentation if you are into that sort of thing :0)

With humbucker pickups, it is advisable to roll back slightly on your guitars volume knob for best results.

  • Controls (external) are volume, and Tone Cap mini-toggle switch
  • Internally there is a trimpot that sets the voltage from the transistor collector to ground. It is preset in the in the optimal range which is between 6.6v & 7.2v
  • True bypass 3PDT switching with LED indicator
  • Can be powered by 9 volt battery (recommended) or standard center negative barrel plug 9 volt DC adapter. DO NOT daisy chain power!
  • Battery on/off mini-toggle switch

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