Monsterpiece Fuzz MkIII


Monsterpiece Fuzz

This is the fuzz for vintage 3 transistor Germanium Tone Bender style fuzz lovers. A lot more versatile than an old school Tone Bender style fuzz due to the interactivity of the input bias, transistor bias, and fuzz controls. I also threw in a switchable tone control to add to the fun. This pedal is NOT a straight up clone. You Zep & Ronson fans will really dig this one!

This is one of the few truly hand made boutique fuzz pedals on the market. These are hand made one at a time by one person, and one person only... ME! So these are available on a limited basis only. I do all of the work - drilling, painting, hand done graphics with paint pens, wiring... even the circuit boards are done completely by hand.


  • 3 transistor Germanium fuzz utilizing old stock eastern European transistors in the proper gain range (THIS is what matters… not the ink printed on the can)
  • Controls (all external) are volume, input bias, transistor bias, fuzz, and tone
  • Tone control is switchable (you can turn it on/off) via a mini-toggle switch
  • True bypass 3PDT switching with LED indicator
  • Battery on/off mini-toggle switch
  • Rugged cast aluminum enclosure
  • To power your MKIII, use either a 9 volt battery or a typical center negative, 9V dc barrel plug adapter. DO NOT daisy chain power using an adapter that is powering other pedals (exception – Voodoo Lab PP2 that ahs ISOLATED power outs)
  • Completely hand made by myself

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