Monsterpiece Fuzz Mk1.5


Monsterpiece Fuzz

The Monsterpiece MK1.5 Fuzz is my take on the classic sola tonebender MK1.5 circuit. This is a 2 transistor Germanium fuzz in which I use various new old stock Germanium transistors such as GT308, AC125, and SFT352 that are hand selected for proper gain & leakage for best sound in each pedal. The only modifications I have made to the original design are 1 resistor value to allow for greater volume output (you will not need to dime the volume control to obtain unity volume with the bypass signal), and an internal transistor bias trim pot that allows you to fine tune the overall fuzz voice to what you hear in your head. This circuit is very similar to the fuzz face circuit (it actually pre-dates the fuzz face by a few months) and is known for it’s exceptional dynamic response to both your picking & guitar volume knob. The Monsterpiece MK 1.5 is no exception.

Controls – Volume and Fuzz. There is also an internal trim pot for the transistor bias. There is no “incorrect” setting for this trim pot – only what does or does not sound good to YOU, the user.

The Monsterpiece MK1.5 is 9 volt battery power only just like the good old days. The current draw is extremely low, so the battery will last a very long time. There is also a battery on/off mini-toggle switch standard.

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