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Monsterpiece Fuzz

This Monsterpiece circuit is a very versatile and dynamic 2 transistor Germanium fuzz that has it's roots based on the classic Fuzz Face circuit – but has been tweaked for superior sound and performance. This is not a straight up clones of the original.

Depending on your settings you can attain sounds from near clean boost, to gritty overdrive, to crunchy distortion, to all out fuzz mayhem!

Experiment with your settings! That is the key to unlocking the full potential of this pedal. Also experiment with your picking dynamics, and your guitars volume knob, as this is a very responsive circuit. Remember, this IS a high gain fuzz circuit, and some settings can be noisy.

The transistors are socketed on these pedals allowing for easy experimentation for those of you who are into this sort of thing. Use only PNP type transistors.

Controls (left to right):

  • Volume – controls the overall output of the pedal
  • Transistor Bias – Tunes the overall voice of the fuzz circuit. Set it to where YOU like what you are hearing. Can get some sputtering dying battery, and gated sounds in certain settings
  • Input Bias – controls the input signal level to the fuzz circuit. Think of it as a “flavor” contour for the type of fuzz you want. Set counter clockwise you get a thicker, nastier fuzz tone. As you increase the bias the fuzz becomes more focused and dynamic.
  • Fuzz – controls overall fuzz level. This control is highly interactive with the input bias control allowing many different voicing’s.
  • Voice stomp switch – This stomp switch switches between 2 different output capacitors allowing you to toggle between a more biting and a more full/bassy sound. The effect is subtle, but effective
  • Battery on/off mini toggle switch

Power Options:

  • 9 volt battery (recommended)
  • 9 volt DC center negative barrel plug adapter – think your typical Boss / Ibanez / 1Spot. DO NOT daisy chain power with other pedals. The exception to this is if you have something like the Voodoo Lab PP2 that has discrete power outs.

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