Monsterpiece Fuzz C.O.D.


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Monsterpiece Fuzz

The Monsterpiece C.O.D. is my take on the classic Colorsound Overdriver made famous in the 1970’s. This pedal is a 3 transistor BC109 silicon drive that can go from an amazing clean boost with a TON of volume, to classic 1970’s style crunchy drive, then venture into fuzz territory. The 2 tone controls – low & hi – make for an extremely wide array of tones. There is also a battery on/off mini toggle that you can use rather than unplugging from the input jack for you pedal board guys.

The controls are all highly interactive, so definitely experiment, and tweak until you find the sound you are after. This is a high gain dirt pedal, so some settings (mainly with the Hi tone control boosted past mid way) can be noisy.


  • Controls: Volume / Low / Hi / Gain
  • Battery on/off mini-toggle on the side

Powering your C.O.D.

Using a 9 volt battery is highly recommended. You can also power the C.O.D. with a 9 volt DC center negative barrel plug adapter. Since the C.O.D. has a standard negative ground circuit  like most other pedals, you can safely daisy chain power with an adapter that is powering multiple pedals.

If you do choose adapter power, please be advised that you may experience unwanted noise… vintage style dirt pedals are finicky ;0)

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