Monsterpiece Fuzz Classic


Monsterpiece Fuzz

This is a 2 transistor fuzz pedal that comes loaded with old stock Soviet (Russian) military Germanium transistors that are selected for the proper gain characteristics. THIS is way more important than the ink printed on the can (despite some of the crazy hype you may see on the "interwebz").

The circuit itself is based on a certain venerable 2 transistor circuit made famous back in the 1960's. The stock 1960's circuit, while being a true classic, has it's limitations and drawbacks which I have addressed making for a better sounding, more versatile, musical, and usable fuzz. Now you can get those stock sounds of the original 1960's circuit, and a whole lot more! Depending on your settings you can go from gritty overdrive, to crunchy distortion, to all out fuzz mayhem and everything in between.

The overall tone is very warm, and the pedal is very responsive to your picking dynamics and guitars volume knob. You can ride your guitars volume knob on this one all night long!


  • On the outside:
    • Volume
    • Input Bias (Bias)
    • Fuzz
  • internally
    • transistor bias trimpot on the circuit board

3PDT True Bypass switching.

The pedal can be powered via 9 volt battery (recommended) or your standard 9V center negative barrel plug DC adapter. There is a mini-toggle battery on/off switch standard. You cannot daisy chain power this pedal with an adapter powering other pedals. It needs to have it's own isolated power source.

The transistors are socketed allowing you to experiment with any pnp type transistor for those of you who are into this sort of thing. Some types may sound great, others may sound like turds, and some may not work at all.

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