Monoprice 611606 Mini DI


Monoprice Mini series

Connect your guitar; bass; or keyboard directly to the mixer using this DI Mini Pedal from Monoprice!

This DI box takes a high-impedance; unbalanced 1/4" signal and converts it into a low-impedance; balanced XLR signal for Direct Input to a mixer. This allows you to send the signal over much longer cable runs with significantly less signal loss than you could otherwise.

This active DI box a signal gain switch; which allows you to optionally boost or cut the signal by 20dB; so you can compensate for extremely high-level (hot) or low-level signals. Additionally; it includes a cabinet simulator switch; which when activated fattens up the sound to simulate the sound of a large 4x12" speaker cabinet.

In addition to converting the signal; the pedal includes a true bypass output; so you can continue to connect to your amplifier. A ground lift button breaks the ground connection between the input and output; which can be useful for eliminating hum or ground loops.

This pedal is powered using a 9V AC power adapter with a negative tip; such our 9V Power Supply for Guitar Pedals (PID 611600).

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