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Monolith Fuzz

The Spectre is a Germanium-fueled drive unit which is capable of performing a wide range of duties, but excels in the realm from natural Overdrive to light Fuzz. Several customers have described the Spectre’s sound as a “hybrid Tubescreamer / Tonebender”. Though the Spectre is driven solely by Germanium transistors, (unlike a Tubescreamer) I believe this is an accurate generalization of it’s voicing.


  • FUZZ: Controls the drive & grit produced, from a close approximation of your clean tone all the way to gritty, warm Germanium breakup.
  • COLOR: Controls the amount of Low-End which is clipped by the circuit. Turning this knob CCW creates a thicker, more fuzz-like tone.
  • HIGH CUT: Increasing this pot trims off the highest treble frequencies, which is very helpful when using a bright amp.
  • OUTPUT: Allows you to achieve any output from unity volume to a boosted output.


  • Custom designed through-hole PCB Construction
  • “New Old Stock” Germanium Transistors
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9V Battery or Standard Boss-Style “Barrel Plug” Power

Price: $235 (US)

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