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The Santa Muerte Germanium Fuzz is a unit inspired by the Classic era of British MKI Tonebenders (and similar units like the uber-rare Hornby-Skewes Zonk Machine) but with a few tweaks and modifications which make the circuit perform more to my liking… Less sputter at lower FUZZ settings and a more gradual introduction of distortion as the FUZZ potentiometer is turned up. Santa Muerte’s Strong Points? — Vocal, liquid sustain with a deeply textured note decay that just THRIVES when used for legato single-note runs.


  • DENSITY: Fuzz Level – From chunky rhythm textures to long-sustaining, pumping, breathing dynamic distortion.
  • OUTPUT: Volume from the Santa Muerte can be dialed in for unity rhythm levels or increased for lead boost. Boosted volume levels also result in greater low-frequency  content.


  • New Old Stock Phillips and Telefunken Germanium Transistors
  • Carbon composition Resistors
  • New Old Stock capacitors including Phillips “Tropical Fish” types
  • Turret Board construction on 1/8?-thick G10 board material
  • True Bypass Wiring
  • DC 9V Jack (standard barrel style, center pin negative) or Battery operation
  • Small 125B Style Cast Aluminum Enclosure powdercoated in-house

Price: $300 (US)

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